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Research markets

Using different channels we find relevant leads that we've identified have needs that fit our clients services. We create a sales CRM and pipeline filled with warm leads.

  • Define ideal customers
  • Targeted approach
  • Tailor-made strategies


We establish communication, through different channels, with prospects in your ICP and generate warm leads.

  • Connect with decision-makers
  • Conduct sales calls to pre-qualify leads
  • We assist throughout the negotations

Access to new markets

We can help you access and tap into the Scandinavian, Western European and North American markets.

  • Expand to new markets
  • Expertise in local business cultures
  • Growth strategies adapted to each market

Our process

How we work

  • 01. 01.

    Create growth strategy

    In a 1-2 week discovery phase we work closely with new clients to get an in-depth understanding of their business. We create target segments and ideal customer profiles in the different geographical markets.

  • 02. 02.

    Research markets

    Once the growth strategy is in place, we start researching the markets to find ideal customers.

  • 03. 03.

    Reach out to decision-makers

    Once we've identified relevant prospects we get in touch with the decision-makers to start a conversation.

  • 04. 04.

    Conduct sales calls

    Once we're in touch with the decision-makers we move towards a sales call where, together with our client, we figure out the needs of the prospects and pitch them our clients solution.

  • 05. 05.

    Conduct contract negotiations

    Once a proposal has gone out from our client we help in the negotiations to convert prospects into clients.


Markets we target

Our markets

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